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About Me

Léna Le Rolland - Certified Life Coach

After close to 10 years in Digital Communications, mainly social media and e-commerce, managing and training large teams, creating strategies and running marketing efforts for global brands, businesses, start ups and agencies I recently became a certified Life Coach.


Always craving more knowledge, I never stopped learning, I ended up at Harvard after my MBA and more recently found myself learning and improving my life coaching skills.


In the recent years I turned my life around with the help of my passion for health and wellness. Living my true self and following my life purpose I was shown the way to coaching. I have been coaching professionals, business owners, directors and CEOs to help them with their transition communications while making career moves for many years but recently transitioned to life coaching full time. 

I am based in Sydney, Australia and consult world-wide.


Life Coaching Session

Get the Most out of Life


Business & Career Coaching Session

Making a move, creating a new business, guidance & inspiration


Relationship Coaching Session

Every relationship starts with yourself


Organisational skills Coaching Session

Make the most of your most valuable resource


The biggest risk is not improving your life


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