• Léna Le Rolland

22/08/19 Affirmation of the day

I believe in the power of affirmations and I've been doing them everyday for a couple of years now. Here is today's one in case you're feeling a bit down, or some anxiety starts to creep in:

I forgive myself for everything.

The past is gone. Yesterday is gone.

The last minute is gone.

Every moment I am being renewed and it is up to me to decide what I hold onto in my mental and emotional space.

The awareness frees me because I choose to take my power back.

I am choosing myself, today and everyday.

I am always doing the best I can.

I am the best I have ever been regardless of what happens to me.

I love myself and I do everything for my highest good.

I forgive myself for everything.

This is how we go from good to amazing!


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