• Léna Le Rolland

Growth is when your ex isn’t your type anymore - How I wouldn't date any of my exes


I feel like every relationship brought me learnings, some more than other obviously but every single one allowed me to grow. I am very grateful for every growth opportunity and so much that I wouldn't date any of them again. Not even one.

I have learned my lessons, I got burn a few times and it brought me so much clarity:

- Who is the most important person (hint: yourself)

- My values

- What I deserve

- What I want for myself

- What I have to give

- What I am willing to share

- Comprises I am willing to make

- What really matters

- What I truly want

- Where I want to go

I wouldn't change anything, just like everything in life, because what you go through builds who you are as a person. Regardless of how you feel at the time when it goes down, you always end up being stronger, more resilient, more caring...

I love that quote "Growth is when your ex isn’t your type anymore" and honestly none of them are my type and I'm so happy about it.


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