• Léna Le Rolland

How your mindset is NOT the only barrier between you & your goal - regardless of how big the goal is

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

I have a great mindset, I have been building it for years, almost 10 to be exact... And yet sometimes like everyone else I struggle to reach certain goals. No matter how bad I want it and I didn’t understand why until recently.

Even coaches have coaches and one of my coaches is Robin Sharma. Robin is one of world's leadership expert, best selling author and a great speaker and he gave me the solution I was looking for, for years.

Mindset is only 25%

Mindset is obviously a big 25% because you need to bulletproof your thinking, protect your confidence and instal belief systems.

But what about the 75% remaining you ask? Robin calls it the "missing link to personal mastery"

Heartset is 25%

Healthset is 25%

Soulset is 25%

This has absolutely changed my vision and the way I work toward my goals.

I know it's hard, trust me I know, I have been in your shoes, I am actually in your shoes right now because everyone has a goal, somewhere they want to go, something they want to achieve and from where we stand it looks far as fuck. But it is doable and all we have to do is...Start. And the most importantly we have to want it bad enough and come to terms with the fact that we can actually do it.

- Start drinking one cup of water

- Start waking up one minute early

- Start reading one page

- Start by meditating once

- Start by going to the gym once

- Start by doing one push up, one squat, one pull up

- Start by deleting one contact

- Start walking instead of taking the bus for one stop

- Start attending one event

- Start listening to one podcast

- Start writing one page

- Start making one sale

- Start making one phone call

Start today

repeat tomorrow

and the day after

and the day after

and inscrease your efforts to reach your goals.

You can do anything you put your mind to, making the decision a big part of the work, the remaining will be the amount of effort you are going to put in, how you actually do it and from what position.


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