• Léna Le Rolland

"I feel like I am stuck" are you actually and what you can do about it

We've all been there, we've all felt like nothing was going our way, even just for a second. But regardless of where you are in life right now, you are winning! Want proofs?

• You have achieved at least one thing you used to wish for

It can be anything from making yourself dinner to buying the car of your dreams.

• You've got a support system

Even just one person who loves you unconditionally, supports you, the one person with whom you can share everything and you can feel safe and know you won't be judged.

• You keep pushing yourself to be the best version you can possibly be

That's an everyday thing, it can be going to the gym, walking to work or listening to a podcast

• You give back

Another everyday thing, everyday I ask myself how can I be of service today ? Who can I help ? Helping a stranger with directions, reminding someone who's important to you how much you love and appreciate them, buying coffee to a stranger...

• You are not the same person you were a year ago

Evolving constantly is key: always learning, listening to podcast, watching documentaries, taking courses, reading books, taking to people, travelling...

• You know your values and you have standards

Knowing what you deserve and showing up everyday while standing tall for what you stand for is bringing you one step closer to your dream life. If you need guidance on that subject I am definitely the right person for the job, book your discovery call with me today!


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